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One Day at the Morean

 in Memory of Ida Y. Mandell
Today, as we navigate unprecedented challenges, seems the perfect time to remember and honor the indomitable spirit of Ida.
Many in the Morean family know Ida as an accomplished metalsmith specializing in the challenging work of hollow forms. But she was also a pharmacist who pursued her professional certification before WWII and maintained her skills throughout her life. While raising 3 children and serving the needs of her community she honed her skills and created museum pieces. Ida was determined and it is not surprising that she found her creative voice in bending metal to her will.

“She never worked with silver professionally,” but her daugher Lisa explained,
“She wanted to support the Morean in order to sustain the appreciation
of the craft and allow others to master metalcraft.  Her tools and kiln are
still used in the Morean studios.”

Without the support of individuals, like Ida, the work of the Morean Arts Center would not be possible! Thank you for joining us in celebrating May 14 in memory of Ida’s generous support of the Morean Arts Center!

This teapot made by Ida is treasured by her daughter Lisa. We thank Lisa and
Ida’s family for sharing her memories and this photo of her mom’s artwork.