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Bit of Both 

w/ Claire McCauley

Gone on summer vacation, see you in the fall!


Join us to explore both hand building and wheel throwing. In class, we will work towards making pieces that include both elements. Students will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, sketch out ideas and work collaboratively.
Purchase clay today! (727) 821-7162 x 2311


Purchase clay prior to your first class by calling 727-821-7162 (Thurs-Sat 10am-5pm) OR at check out and it will be delivered to our studios.

Phoenix – Best for Beginners– Made by Highwater Clays. Fires to a light tan in color. Great clay for beginners. Smooth enough to throw on the potter’s wheel, but strong enough to withstand most hand-building techniques. Can be fired from Cone 6 to Cone 10. Cost is $20, $21.40 after tax.

Speckled Brownstone – Made by Highwater Clays. Fires to a light brown in color with small black specs. Great for throwing on the potter’s wheel. Can be fired to Cone 6. Cost is $20, $21.40 after tax.

Purchasing a gift for someone? Consider a gift card! Call us at 727-822-7872 or drop in during business hours!


Cost (3 classes):    Non-Members – $120    Members – $102
Cost (6 classes):    Non-Members – $200    Members – $170   

For more information or to register over the phone, please call the Morean Arts Center at 727-821-7162
(If class has already begun, please call to inquire about late registration.)

All ceramic classes will be held at the
Morean Center for Clay
420 22nd St S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712