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Saturday, November 21
7-10 pm

Join the Morean Glass Studio for a night of glow-in-the-dark fun and celebration.

Live glassblowing featuring David Spurgeon, Matt Piepenbrok, Bao Thao, Edel Walker, Tim Soluna and more rock star artists!

Enjoy big band beats by a DJ, snacks, beverages & glow-in-the-dark accessories along with some exciting glassblowing in the dark.

Purchase Tickets Early – Limited Seating Available


$45 for non-members/$35 for members  
Click here to learn how to become a member

$50 at the door

For more info call 727.822.7872 ext. 2220

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Feel the Glow:

It is a dark night in an alleyway off of Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg. Attendees move in single file through the open door of a chain link cage spanning the edge of an industrial warehouse building.

The flicker of a 2,000-degree-flame burns in the opening of a furnace offering up the outline of pipes and tools, the reflection of smooth glass surfaces, the side of a face, a bulky-gloved-hand swinging something dark accented with a glowing ember in the air. The murmur of the crowd rises. Stilettos and sneakers flash as people feel their way to the safety of a space on the metal bench of stadium seating.

It is “Night Blow” at the Morean Glass Studio where the alchemy and drama of glass making is the star of a show that seems ancient and future apocalyptic at the same time. Stepping to the center of the floor in front of the furnace, the ringmaster, glass artisan Matt Piepenbrock flaps the lapels of his formal suitcoat. There is a spark, a sudden arch of light, and the figures of other glass artists and gaffers are seen in silhouette.

On cue from Piepenbrock the team moves into a synchronized frenzy of activity, the DJ picks up the beat of the movement, the audience gasps. The Night Blow is unlike any other art experience. The energy of a live performance illuminated only by the glow of molten glass and the synchronized flash of a choreographed special effect.

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