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About the Artist

“The use of dynamic colors and the expression of movement are hallmarks of my paintings.  Colors, lines and forms are brought together in an interdependent dialogue.

“I love cities. They are complex, provocative, ever changing with incredible architecture and people of many cultures. Cities provide housing, parks, jobs, challenges, confusion and excitement. Cities allow opportunity for self expression, diversity and eccentricity. My City Scapes are teeming with movement and excitement and are a manifestation of the energy and spirit I bring to all my paintings.

Cast Shadows capture shadows that are ever changing, fleeting images that surround us.  To see a shadow requires one take time to stop and look.  They are mysterious and enchanting.  Shadows can be walked through like rain, but they leave no sensation on our skin.  The shadows I painted existed at a point and place in time where they now are no longer.  One cannot hold a shadow. It can only be viewed fleetingly as it graces your life with its specialness.

“Our lives are brief. Our journeys personal. May the images in my paintings evoke memories from and feelings about your life journey.”

Theodosia A. G. Tamborlane of Dunedin, Florida, is an abstract artist, illustrator and poet. Since 2008 her works have been in over 160 solo and group exhibitions in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida.


She studied at the Art Students League and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. She served on the Board of Directors of the  Florida Professional Association of Visual Arts and is a Member, The Exhibiting Society of Artists, Warehouse District Arts Alliance, the Women’s Caucus for Art, Dunedin Fine Art Center, Leepa-Rattner Museum, the Morean Art Center, NJ Contemporary Art Group and the Visual Arts Center of NJ. She holds an Associate of Fine Arts Degree, a BA, MPA and JD all from New Jersey schools.


Theo is founder of the Uncommon Art Group in Dunedin and is represented by Art Blend Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY.