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Creative Mark Making Workshop

with Kerry Didday

Saturday, Sept 24

10:00am – 4:00pm (1 hour break for lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm)

Intermediate/Advanced students only

Based on Steven Aimone’s book, Expressive Drawings, this workshop will guide students through a freeform and abstract approach to their work. This style emphasizes line and mark, rather than rendering a specific object, which, for many people, can create barriers to self-expression. Exercises start off simple and quick, encouraging students to work on instinct and feeling, while the later ones focus on detail and refinement. The instructor, Kerry, will cover the elements basic to all drawing: line, mark, shape, texture, and tone, then lead you through “Play” and “Build” exercises that allow you to explore these elements firsthand and produce richly satisfying pieces.

Each student will work on their own four separate 36″ x 36″ gessoed canvas with a variety of monochrome media (all provided by the instructor for a minimal fee*).


  • Large jug or coffee can to hold water
  • Rags (no paper towels)
  • Palette (white paper plates are okay)
  • China bristle brushes (1″+)
  • Small brush (for line work)
  • 1-2 Black markers
  • At least, 1 large tube of heavy body acrylic in 1 color
  • Written piece of text (poem, song, article, quote, etc.)


*$45 cash materials fee due to the instructor at the start of class for canvas, paint, charcoal, etc.


For more information or to register over the phone, please call the Morean Arts Center at 727.822.7872




About Kerry Didday

Kerry Didday is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Art and Architecture. A past President and Creative Director of Daymark Inc., a national award winning Marketing Design firm. Kerry has painted and taught for the past 20 years, receiving awards and recognition on a local, national and international level.