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thomas-murray-ptg-aFigure & Life Painting with Thomas Murray

5-Day Workshop

Monday-Friday, April 10-14, 2017
10am-4pm each day

Levels: Intermediate-Advanced

Studio: 3rd Floor Studio


Painting from a life model, painting from drawings from life, issues of idealism and hybrid spaces will be the focus of this workshop. Several approaches to painting will include tonal painting (Grisaille), simplified (earth tones), and Alla Prima.




thomas-murray-headshotAbout: A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Thomas Murray’s exploration of figurative art is born of a deep respect for the nuance and iconography of the discipline. Annual visits to Florence, Italy, and a residency in Assisi brought his work a greater sense of focus.

A former resident of St. Petersburg, FL, Thomas is the only artist to have three solo shows at the Morean Arts Center. His work can be found on his website:

I believe …artists are the most important people in the world and have been since the dawn of time. The artists’ voice refuses to be dismissed, presenting physically what is impossible to write. We tell the stories and ideas that language finds impossible to describe. We put the face to the name, we create context where context does not exist, we chronicle our times, embrace the very best of the human spirit, in short we are the cultural engine that embraces what it is to be human.

Painting …is the vehicle of choice for much of my work. What others might see as a hindrance; the vast history of Painting, I see as freedom and opportunity in a contemporary theatre ripe with promise and possibility. Object making is the breath, the sustained exhale. My process is a series of raveling and unraveling. Over the course of several paintings I allow the world to come in, to permeate my awareness. The breath in is invariably followed by another search.

Process: Prior to painting I look. But when I am in the process of painting it has less to do with looking and more to do with watching. I’m watching the brush move against the canvas. I’m watching how the colors lie against each other. I’m like a voyeur in my own studio. I think it must be the same with other artists. I imagine Shakespeare or Kafka gathering experiences, looking around at what is going on, brushing against unlikely characters.

What you can expect: Often I will choose a drawing of a figure to refine and explore through paint. Different processes are explored to find the right “voice” for each painting. We will try a few methods to starting the painting throughout the workshop allowing plenty of room for fluidity of thought. There are more than a few inroads to beginning and we will cover as many as possible.

*Charcoal, graphite, erasers, and drawing paper
*Oil paints of various colors to include: zinc and or titanium white, yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow, french ultramarine.
*Low odor mineral spirits, linseed oil, and alkyd driers (Liquin or galkyd if you like).
*Several canvases, panels, and or primed heavyweight paper.

Limited to 20 students.


Member $375
Non-Member $425
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PARKING DISCLAIMER: Please note that the Morean Arts Center is located in a rapidly developing portion of downtown St Petersburg, FL. Parking in our two designated lots is limited and cannot be guaranteed. You may have to park your car up to several blocks away in a 2-or-3 hour parking spot. Our instructors are aware of the possibility that you may have to excuse yourself from class to move your car once your parking time has expired. The Morean Arts Center is not responsible for parking tickets nor will refunds be issued on the basis of having to park your car outside of our designated lots.