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Lampworking with patsy monk

Thursdays, 3 classes

1pm – 4pm

Offered for:

Fall Session 1 (Sept 15, 22, 29)

Fall Session 2 (Nov 3, 10, 17)

This 3-week (12 hour) lampworking class is developed to enable the student to understand the process & safely make glass beads. We utilize & discuss safety issues, types of glass, & types of torches. COE 104 rods in a selection of colors is provided for student use. Beads will be annealed & ready the following class day. The beads made on day 3 will be ready for pick-up the following Saturday.

A general overview of the class:

  • Apply glass to prepared mandrels
  • Make & use stringers & frit on beads
  • Apply additional glass to shape the bead as needed
  • Understand & utilize the most appropriate area of the flame for their bead
  • Use tools: presses, picks, tweezers, marvers, & more for bead shaping
  • Discuss cooling options & the annealing process
  • Remove beads from mandrels & clean bead holes
Safety for each class:
  • Cotton clothing: long pants, medium or short-sleeved shirt
  • Long hair pulled back
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Water in a metal container (additional water is provided)
  • snack or light lunch if needed
Non-Members: $300
Members: $250

To register by phone, please call 727.822.7872