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Soda Firing Workshop with Jordan Kramer

4-Day Workshop

Weekend 1:

  • Friday, October 14: Glaze & Load
  • Saturday, October 15: Fire
  • Sunday, October 16: Fire

Weekend 2:

  • Saturday, October 22: Unload, clean, discuss!
Price: $200
Capacity: 10 students

This 4-day workshop will cover all the fundamentals involved in preparing, loading, and firing a soda kiln. Open to all skill levels, we will establish a foundation for understanding and managing the process. We will cover different glazing techniques for application (dipping, spraying, brushing) and the difference between flashing slips vs glazes in the soda kiln. Discussions and presentations will also cover basic kiln chemistry, design, and history.

Cone 10 bisque work is required in order to have work available for loading and firing during the workshop.

*Must bring:

  • Bisque work ready to be glazed

Hourly Weekend Schedule

1st Weekend

Fri., Oct. 14th

Sat., Oct. 15th

Sun., Oct. 16th

9am- Noon

9am – Noon



4am – Bump

Noon- 6pm

Noon-1pm: Lunch

1pm-5pm: Load

Start kiln at noon

3pm -4pm: Soda Spray


6pm – Midnight


6pm – ~?: Presentation and Potluck

9pm – Midnight: Body Redux


2nd Weekend

Saturday, October 22, 9am – 5pm: Unload, Clean, Discuss!

Held at the Morean Center for Clay
420 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712