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Tapping Into Terra Sig: 3 Day Workshop with Amy Sanders

3-Day Workshop

November 3, 4, & 5

10am – 4pm each day

12pm – 1pm lunch break

Cost: $200

This 3-day workshop will cover the application and exploration of terra sigillata. The goal of this workshop is to help expand your knowledge of this unique surface technique. We will test, fire and develop a plethora of new recipes to use in your very own practice. Open to all skill levels, hand builders and wheel thrower, potters and sculptures alike, we will establish a foundation for exploring and developing this type of surface treatment. We will end everyday in discussion and presentations of your findings.

What to bring:

Clay: Low fire clays recommended (Earthen Red and Lyman, can be purchased at Highwater. Other clay suppliers: Charlie Parker Pottery)

N-95 Particulate Respirator

Scissors (recommended)

Sketchbook (recommended)

For any questions please email the instructor at [email protected]

Each day will consist of demos, making time, and end in discussion of our findings. Class will run from 10am – 4pm with lunch break from 12pm – 1pm

Day 1: Mixing Terra Sig and Making Test Tiles

Day 2: Mixing Terra Sig: Clay and Colorant Blends

Day 3: Analyzing Findings and More Testing

Held at the Morean Center for Clay

420 22nd St. S

St. Petersburg FL 33712