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Pelican theme art exhibit at Morean: Artist entries by May 22

PELICAN Proud exhibition at Morean Arts Center

Call for artist entries: Submit by May 22

St. Petersburg, FL – (April 1, 2020) The Brown Pelican became the official bird of St. Petersburg in January of 2020. As the City pulls together to navigate the impact of COVID-19 the Morean Arts Center is inviting the public to participate in an Artistic tribute to the iconic shore bird. Creators, makers and artists are encouraged to submit an entry form with the $10 entry fee prior to Friday, May 22.

To celebrate St. Pete’s official mascot, the lovely, amazing, and sometimes awkward pelican, the Morean is hosting an exhibition featuring our beloved city bird. Any work of art featuring a pelican is eligible for the show.

The brown pelican was nearly extinct in the 1970s when environmental remediation restored its ecosystem. While fishermen and crabbers may see the bird as a pesky competitor, perhaps he is just reminding us to share. The pelican is gregarious, enjoys the company of others and cooperates to find food and care for its community. Ancient lore positions the Pelican as selfless with a mother Pelican using her beak to draw blood from her own chest to feed her young during famine.

As an animal symbol the Pelican represents kindness and generosity, virtues to be especially admired these days. Other sages advise that if a Pelican crosses your path that you should find a balance in your life. In a message that resonates today, the Pelican is a reminder to spend more time with family and to focus on yourself. As an animal totem, the Pelican reminds us to remain calm and enjoy more in your life. The patient pelican reminds us not to worry and that sometimes it is important to be patient and wait for real opportunity to present itself.

The details of the exhibit of submitted artworks will be announced at a later time.  The Morean Arts Center typically features whimsical and community-centric gallery exhibits several times a year.  The entry form and complete details may be found at the Morean Arts center website under the Artist Opportunities tab.


About the Morean Arts Center: The Morean Arts Center, dating back to 1917 as the Art Club of St. Petersburg, focuses on an innovative, community-oriented approach to art and art education. The mission of the Morean Arts Center is to connect people with art and to contribute to the economic development of the region. Operating under the Morean Arts Center are the Chihuly Collection, the Morean Glass Studio and the Morean Center for Clay. To learn more visit