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Puff takes a nap

Glass and the process of making glass art is perhaps a perfect metaphor for these times. It is ubiquitous in its presence. Used for centuries to shelter us from the elements but still allow in light and sun and warmth. The molten liquid is transformed in artisan hands to gravity defying forms radiant with jewel like colors.

During this time of self-imposed isolation and social distancing we are all reminded that there is beauty in being still. We have the opportunity to re-charge, re-assess and re-boot.  To be grateful for the opportunity to create.  To plan the next project.

In the spirit of this stillness and reflection, we are sharing this moment from the Morean Glass Studio. Puff is the name our glass artists have given to the glass furnace you see in this video. You will see the clear glass removed from the furnace to be recycled into new art when we are safely able to reopen. But, for now Puff sleeps.

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While all Morean venues are closed, the Morean will continue to honor our legacy of innovation and accessibility to the Arts.  We are inspired to meet this challenge and encourage you to monitor our website and social media platforms for updates and innovative offerings. You can anticipate images to lift your spirits, creative challenges to inspire, and myriad opportunities to access the amazing work of our artists virtually.

Our thoughts remain with all effected directly by the Coronavirus and their loved ones. Stay healthy and safe – We look forward to creating some wonderful healing art or sharing the joyful spirit of creativity with you soon.