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Accessible Parking

We have accessible parking in front of the Chihuly Collection (spaces limited), and in the parking lot next to the Morean Arts Center. We also have accessible parking in front of the Morean Glass Studio (spaces limited), and ample parking and ramp entry to the Morean Center for Clay. 

Please note: The City of St. Petersburg offers all street parking FREE with a handicapped parking permit; time limits do not apply.

Free WiFi at all locations

Personal Attendants of visitors with disabilities are admitted free of charge (limited to one attendant per visitor).

Service Dogs (with identification) are welcome at all locations. We welcome service dogs to accompany their owners. Emotional support animals and pets are not permitted. 

Button Operated Doors

The front doors of our 4 locations are accessible, with button operated front door entry.


A wheelchair is available at the front desk of the Chihuly Collection on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to use the wheelchair to visit the Morean Arts Center and the Morean Glass Studio across the street.


There are accessible bathrooms at all 4 of our locations.

Visitors who are deaf or with hearing loss

Text Tour

A Text Tour is available for all four of our locations and can be accessed through your smart phone. Request directions or assistance to pull up the text tour with Guest Services when you arrive.


Closed Captioned film is available at the Chihuly Collection.

Visitors with children on the autism spectrum

We have a distract pack available at the front desk upon request. 

Visitors who are blind or partially sighted

Audio Tour

Free audio smartphone tour of the Chihuly Collection and the Morean Glass Studio is available. Instructions provided upon arrival. 

This tour is also available in Spanish and can be accessed upon arrival. 

Touch Tours

Experience a guided tour of the Chihuly Collection with specific 3-D reproductions, interpreted, and available objects pertaining to the works on display in the galleries. Tours are available for up to 10 people.
What you’ll experience:
3-D objects including glass parts for large scale installations, glass objects created to have similar textures and forms to objects on display, and materials used to teach how glass is made and color is used. 

Memory Tours

Private Monthly tours. Program is for those living with dementia and their care partners. 30-minute tour followed by a 30-minute art project. 

Learn More Here. 

Operation: Art of Valor

A community-based arts program for Veterans with PTSD and TBI offering free glassblowing, clay and photography classes. Program offers an opportunity for continued self-expression through art outside of clinical care. 

Learn More Here. 

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