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ARTofficial Intelligence: The St. Pete Robot Exchange

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…and returning to the Morean in September!

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9 at the Morean Arts Center from 5 – 8pm.

This annual St. Pete Robot Exchange, the brainchild of Aurailieus Artist, Zulu Painter, and Jason Bromley, celebrates 10 years of metallic mayhem in St. Pete.

Featuring robotic artwork by: 


Aurailieus Artist

Joseph Baron-Pravda

Alfred Bessette

Jason Bromley

Kristi Capone

David Collom

Dexter Crawford

Maylin Cuello

Alexander Dibrizzi

Brianna Donelow

Boo Ehrsam

Cyrus Frioli

Latasha Gibbs

Daniel Gindin

Ashley Gregory

Mary-Catherine Griesser

Vyolette Hastings, aka 6ER

Pedro Hernandez

Jade Jackson

Derrick Kearney

Mike Knapp

Brian Kostar

Cindy Linville

Ted LoCascio

Stacy Lovejoy

Mark Mitchell

Nomi Nania

Daniel Nieto

Adam Northrop

Nathan Offutt

Jade Olson

Ava Rankin

Lars-Erik Robinson

Yoany Rodriguez

Theron Ross

Megan Russ/Rambunctious Rainbow

Roderick Schinn

Warren Smay

Brandy Stark

Jack Tovey

Erin Young

Adam Zerillo

Zulu Painter