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Intro to Copper Etching
for BRONZClay Bead Making
with Roxanne Pizzuto

Saturday, July 30

11am – 2pm

Price: $60

+ $35 Materials Fee

This workshop is suitable for all levels!

BRONZClay is an actual clay body that contains fine bronze particles; it can be textured and formed into beautiful beads for jewelry making. BRONZClay requires firing; during the firing process, the clay body burns off, resulting in a unique bronze piece of jewelry.

This workshop begins with students learning to make their own copper etched texture plate. This plate will be used to texture BRONZClay and make a hollow formed BRONZClay bead by following step-by-step instructions and demonstrations. 

Finishing techniques will be discussed, as well as findings for turning beads into wearable jewelry.

Your BRONZClay bead will be fired; details given at the workshop.

Students should bring an Xacto knife, a Sharpie or permanent marker, drinking straw, a very small paint brush, and clean clay tools if you have them.

All other needed materials will be supplied by the instructor

$35 Materials fee payable to instructor

About Roxanne Pizzuto

Roxanne Pizzuto’s earliest childhood memory is walking up big marble steps to enter the Cincinnati Art Museum on a cold Saturday morning. While holding her sister’s hand, they entered the museum with quiet reverence as though they were entering church. That feeling and importance of creating art continued to grow with the encouragement of her family.

Roxanne received her BFA from Maine College of Art in 1988 and moved to St Petersburg in 1994.

Although somewhat of an introvert, she was encouraged to teach and soon found a lasting passion for teaching art. Roxanne retired from teaching art in Pinellas County Schools in 2019. Since then, she has been dividing her creative time between painting and making jewelry in her home studio.

“I love making things. Jewelry making satisfies my desire to make things using my favorite tools and allows me to safely play with fire!”