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Chinese Brush Painting Workshop 1
with Jo-An Thomas


July 13

August 10

10:30am – 1pm

Price: $60

Chinese Brush Painting is the foundation of all oriental brush arts. Painting in China is a way of life – and as such, it hails from the philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism. Nature and its grandeur is appreciated for its intangible spirituality.

In this beginner’s workshop, you will start by calming your spirit, thinking, and meditating about how you will paint the essence of your subject. Preparing yourself to paint, you will use “The Four Treasures”- brush, ink stick, ink stone, and rice paper- that have defined this art form for thousands of years.

You will find that Chinese Brush Painting is an enlightening practice in embracing change.

You will gain an overview of the history, philosophy, and aesthetic concepts, understand the proper selection, care, preparation, and use of traditional materials, and perform the basic skills and techniques for brush strokes.

Learn the basics of Chinese Brush Painting through hands-on instruction, complete compositions, handouts, and discussion. Mastery of the brush empowers artists of any medium.

Students will compose a bamboo that they learned during this workshop.

Note: Wear comfortable clothing. India ink is permanent, be careful so that you do not ruin your clothes.

What makes Chinese Brush Painting unique?

Hsieh-I and Po Mo style is the spontaneous style of Chinese Brush Painting, which means “to depict an idea.” Executed in a lively, simple, and speedy manner, one expresses the spirit and essence of a subject rather than its realistic detail. The artist is at one with the subject, and the painting is a medium for self-expression and self-discovery.

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