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Fantastic Plastic: Toy Camera & Film Photography Workshop with Lance Rothstein

Saturday, March 23

1pm – 5pm

Price: $75

Film & Darkroom guru Lance Rothstein will bring a table-full of Toy Cameras from his personal collection and offer you the opportunity to learn about their unique characteristics.

There will be Holgas, Dianas, “Time Magazine” Cameras, and many other “toy” cameras with fantastic plastic lenses! Both 35mm and Medium Format.  (Some will also be available to purchase.)

Each participant will select a camera to use.

  • They’ll learn how to load the B&W film provided.
  • We’ll have a quick instruction session on how to get the best results from your film & camera, along with some creative tips.
  • Everyone will have about 45min to take all their pictures on a guided photo walk with advice if needed.
  • We’ll return to the Morean and learn the process of developing the and printing the film.

(most of the film film may not be dry & ready to print before the workshop ends, but all images will be scanned and printed by the instructor and can be picked up within 10 days)

All the cameras, film, chemistry and photo paper are provided.


$10 materials fee due to instructor at beginning of workshop