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Lamp-working Disc Class

Tuesdays, 4 week class

Feb 22nd, March 1st, 8th, 15th

1pm – 4 pm 

In this intermediate lampworking class, patsy will explore the many options of the disc bead. Starting with a simple disc and progress to make amazing beads. These will include inside out, wavy, 2 on a mandrel, hollow, bumpy, fritted and more. 

OH my!  Who could imagine all these options from a simple little disc?!

The student must have the understanding and the ability to make a glass bead. Practicing, tho not mandatory, is suggested between classes. 104 Glass rods are provided. 

This is not a beginner class. 


  • Eye protection; glasses or shield 
  • Water in metal container, additional water available 
  • Glass is provided,  if you wish to bring your own ‘special’ colors, you are welcome to do so.

Studio glass is 104. You can use a different COE, please label ALL your rods. We will be working on Nortel minor torches. Be advised, annealing will be 950°. 

For class, for your safety:

  • Water
  • Cotton clothing
  • Long pants
  • If long hair, please have it  pulled back
  • Closed toed shoes