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Learn Pastel in 3 Hours Workshop
with Shawn Dell Joyce

Saturday, November 18

1pm – 4pm

Price: $60

Beginning Pastel Workshop Learn to use pastels to make beautiful and realistic paintings from direct observation. Learn about pastel hardnesses, paper tooth, and substrates. Layer pastel to create your own color wheel from primaries, and how to use a complementary palette. Class is held in person at Morean Art Center.

1pm: Values Seeing 5 values from light to dark Capturing values Painting dark and light with pastel.

2pm: Color (and mixing) Seeing color as value-mixing 5 values from the primaries Make your own color wheel from the primaries.

3pm: Materials and papers Try out different paper samples and blending techniquesTest different pastel hardnesses and brands.

Recommended materials-

Pastels and all materials supplied

What I use…

Mount Vision Pastels (Made in Tampa), Unison, Pastels Girault (harder) Schminke (very soft for whites and lights)

Ampersand Pastelbords


Instructor Bio:

Shawn Dell Joyce began teaching plein air classes in 2000, and continues weekly to this day. She founded a plein air school with an Arts and Agricultural mission based on the historic Hudson River School, called the Wallkill River School of Art. It still exists today as a nonprofit arts organization with a mission of bringing cultural tourism to the Hudson Valley region through plein air painting workshops and events on local farms, historic sites and open spaces. Joyce has won many prestigious awards for plein air painting, and is a signature member of New York Plein Air Painters (NYPAP), and International Plein Air Painters (IPAP), and has been featured in many national newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, Plein Air Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Pastel Journal Magazine, Tampa Bay Magazine, and a painting in Plein Air Magazine. She is represented by six galleries around the country including Wallkill River School in NY, Woodfield Fine Art in St. Pete, and Lakeside Inn Gallery in Mount Dora, FL. She teaches workshops in pastel and plein air techniques across the country in Staunton, VA, Olana, NY, Tampa Bay Florida, and is included in museum collections in the Georges Pompidou Museum in France and the Museum of Modern Art in NY.