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Print Big Darkroom Workshop
with Lance Rothstein

Saturday, December 2

1pm – 4pm

Price: $60


Make genuine 11×14 & 16×20 Gelatin Silver Darkroom Prints from your negatives!

We’ll set up the darkroom for printing large photographs. Bring your own negatives and use our enlargers, paper and chemistry.

Making small prints can be fun and rewarding, but some images just beg to be blown-up and viewed on a larger scale. Our darkroom guru Lance Rothstein will walk you through all the steps in making a large photograph in our traditional darkroom. Each participant can print at least one 11×14 and one 16×20 photo using our silver-gelatin photo paper provided. No previous darkroom experience is needed but contact the instructor to make sure you have the right negatives for printing. (Some can be provided if you prefer)

 Lance Rothstein (727-200-6137)


$15 materials fee, cash due to the instructor at the beginning of workshop