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The connection between metal work and glass can’t be understated; steel and other kinds of metal are often used as armatures, stands, and accents for glass sculpture. Both mediums usually require heat and a great deal of physicality to manipulate. Many of the large works in the Chihuly Collection are supported and held together by fascinating hidden networks of steel.

In METALLIC, metal work is not just a supporting role, but the main event; steel, copper, bronze and even the humble spoon come together in engaging and intriguing works of art. These five artists, all living and working in St. Petersburg, demonstrate the versatility of the medium.

Interested in trying your hand at metal sculpture? The Morean Arts Center offers classes in both the planning and executing of works in metal. Salvador T. St. Germain teaches a class in Metal Sculpture that is appropriate for all ability levels, including beginners. Want to start with the design process instead? Alex Kaufman teaches Intro to Creative CAD Design, the basis for making all kinds of sculpture.

Artists featured in METALLIC:

Mark Aeling + Alex Kaufman/MGA Sculpture Studio

Eric Folsom

Donald Gialanella

Dominice Gilbert

Salvador T. St. Germain