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After three years of an intense visual art curriculum, students in their fourth year at Pinellas County Center for the Arts (PCCA) at Gibbs High School begin preparation for their senior project. The senior project is required of all PCCA students wishing to graduate with a certificate from the program. 

Seniors in the visual art department must develop a cohesive body of work that describes an in-depth exploration of a particular artistic concern or visual idea. Works produced between the beginning of the school year in August through the middle of February, when the first exhibitions begin, are eligible for exhibition. Usually the concept or concentration idea is not fully developed until mid-October when students begin to focus their full attention on their senior project. Students seeking a one person show at the Morean Arts Center must apply in December with examples of their work and an artist statement explaining the focus and direction of their concentration. 

Three students are then selected from the applicants by the visual arts department faculty. This is an honor for these students and a very difficult task for the faculty since a majority of the seniors apply. All other visual arts senior projects are exhibited in a series of group exhibitions between mid-February and the end of April in PCCA’s two galleries on the campus of Gibbs High School.   

April 12 – 24

Marcus Rideout


April 26 – May 8

Terran Lewis


May 10 – June 27

Amanda Vehorn