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Exhibition Statement


“I want you to ingest and consider the elements of the painting and allow a moment of mindfulness while viewing my art. We are all connected and share most of the same needs. If we are mindful of this on the daily, maybe we can connect more as a whole.”

Conditions May Vary is an examination of the human experience by St. Petersburg artist Zulu Painter. The exhibition is filled with symbols of introspection, civil unrest and the “consequences” of the American Dream. An acrylic painting of a smiley face that “Shmeers from a smile to an awkward ‘Smirk,’” echoes the general angst of the pandemic era. Then the artist brings us back up to balance the “Emo-Coaster” with a little empathy in works like “It Takes a Village.” Conditions may vary for each of us; how we react to the “weather” will determine our future.

About Zulu Painter

Zulu Painter is a visual artist creating in St. Petersburg. His large-scale paintings and murals evoke positive energy and encourage light inside of the viewer. Utilizing organic and inorganic forms alongside images of people, Zulu paints contemplative picture planes. Zulu has painted murals across the US and abroad. He has worked with American Stage Theater Company, the University of South Florida, Creative Pinellas, Deuces Live and various other civic organizations locally to help bring art to the people.


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