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Feast and Folly

Exhibition Dates: Dec 10 – Jan 28, 2023

Opening Reception: 5-9pm on Dec 10

A Curated Collection of Tableware and Decorative Sculpture by Alicia Diem, Jennifer Rosseter, Rebecca Zweibel.
“I am a Swiss born artist and former goldsmith. I bring a jeweler’s precision to my ceramic sculpture and celebrate a spectacular chorus of ocean life through my work. As a diver, I discovered a profound respect and admiration for the sea. My sculptures are all handbuilt and have their own expression. One of a kind, but they always have a complex and technical backstory.”
“My ceramic work is informed by a career as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator. I employ a variety of methods to create imagery on clay, including sgraffito, Mishima, and traditional printmaking techniques modified for my own purposes. I am influenced by stylized art forms, vivid colors and graphic patterns, drawing inspiration from both personal and imagined conversations with nature.”
“My current work is primarily in earthenware clay, which I fire multiple times to achieve my desired surface. The pieces are handbuilt, although sometimes I also add thrown elements. My use of color and line is instinctive; my reasoning concerning choice is obscure. Things work best for me when I’m able to liberate myself of thought and just feel what I’m trying to express. Clay gives me a blank canvas and infinite challenges that I look forward to solving every day.”