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Exhibition Statement

Jennifer Kosharek: Woman’s Work

2020 has been a whopper of a year (so far).  When asked to do an art show, I had to dig my head out of the world of quarantine and mask-making to thinking about creating art.

If everyone can celebrate who they are, I decided I would do a body of work that encapsulates my life.  Painted wooden spoons, handmade clothing, quilts and hand embroidery are symbols of what we do every day… we cook, we clean, we sew.  The hand crocheted pot holders and the aphorisms captured in an embroidery hoop are symbols and tools of what it means to live.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so usable home items are the ignored craft in our society.  The term “Woman’s Work,” is often a derogatory term for items made that aren’t deemed important or worthy.

I’m taking traditional home items and taking a deeper look to transform and lift up their meaning and beauty.  Through whimsy and bright colors, Woman’s Work is a feast for the eyes and a nod to the things that connect us through daily life.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Kosharek started out as a portrait painter before she gave herself permission to paint “unrealistically.” Soon after, Jennifer’s character “Gretchen” was born, who would end up being featured on countless pieces of her mail art, paintings, t shirts, murals, and more. From 2011 to 2014, Jennifer owned and operated eve-N-odd art gallery in St. Petersburg, where she exhibited the work of hundreds of local and international artists.

During that time, Jennifer learned the art of spray painting, and helped start what is now a booming mural scene in St. Pete. She uses bright colors and positive images to give people a sense of happiness, belonging and hope. She believes in art for the masses and movements like street art, Free Art Friday, The Sketchbook Project and mail art.



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