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 Lauren Mann is a portrait artist based in Clearwater who specializes in colored pencil drawings inspired by pattern, color, and the personalities that surround her. In 2021 she received a BFA in Drawing from the University of Florida. Mann has exhibited in shows including Intimate Interiors: Figures in Space at the Gainesville Fine Arts Association Gallery, as well as The Nonseniors and Realize at the 4Most Gallery in Gainesville. Vibrant and detailed, Mann’s drawings seek to express familiar emotions through unique and intimate portraits.

 “This work strives to illustrate the beauty of the ordinary characteristics found in everyday life. In a time and space full of chaos and disappointment, it feels comforting to be able to stop and appreciate the innate beauty of the human figure going about simple and familiar tasks. The illustrated narratives reveal aspects of individuals’ personalities and lives that add vibrancy to the common thoughts and experiences of the everyday. By inserting small idiosyncrasies that require a careful examination of the image, it challenges the viewer to look deeper and find even more similarities between the feelings and moments conveyed through the works and the viewer’s own lived experiences.”