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A born-and-raised Floridian, 27-year-old Macy Higgins enjoys capturing the sweeter side of life through her art. Once identifying primarily as a painter, Macy has recently developed her style into three-dimensional practices in order to create a more immersive sensory experience. Her installations have appeared in St. Petersburg since 2019, including an installation titled Homecoming at Mize Gallery in 2020 and most recently the Strawberry Room featured at Fairgrounds St. Pete. Despite never being much of a baker, she taught herself traditional cake decorating techniques and learned how to imitate real desserts using materials such as spackle, resin and foam to create art objects that look good enough to eat.

Sugar Trinkets is a culmination of the saccharinity and bittersweetness that life presents us with and the ability seemingly insignificant items have to turn into something of significance when irrevocably tied to special people and memories. With the recent loss of several maternal figures in her life, Macy has subsequently spent a lot of time with these types of objects. For her, they provide a sense of comfortable nostalgia. They serve as reminders of the past, as relics of lost aesthetics, and as remnants of almost-forgotten memories. The viewer is invited to indulge in this sense of familial comfort and delight themselves with their own sweet recollections.