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“My primary involvement with the Arts Center has revolved around Saturday Morning Figure Drawing that has been continuously supported by the Center as long as anyone can remember. Figure drawing is the artist’s version of an athlete’s gymnasium; Having this resource dependably available and affordable has been truly unique, serving equally both established artists and students. “I started attending Saturday morning figure drawing around 1986. Figure drawing was up a rickety stair case to the upstairs drawing room. When it rained, we would dash into the adjacent darkroom and take photo developing trays and put them under the leaks. When the Arts Center moved to the new building, how were they to get our neighbor, the heavy printing press, down those stairs? It came down piece by piece into storage. Amazingly, no parts were lost and later someone knew how to put it back together! Twenty years later, our old friend, is still next to the Saturday figure drawing session.”


Dean Fortune                                                                             Cascade        2016                                                                       Graphite                                                                                   Exhibiting Artist, Instructor, Student