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Herb Snitzer’s career covers over fifty years of image-making. From 1957 when he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art, he moved to New York City where he quickly established himself as one of the top young photojournalists. He worked for Life, Look, The Saturday Evening Post, Fortune, Time and other national magazines as well as for the New York Times and Herald Tribune. He became Photography and Associate Editor of America’s Leading Jazz Magazine, Metronome, which enabled him to meet and photograph and become friends with many of the great jazz musicians of that era, including Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Duke Ellingston, John Coltrane, and Count Basie. A resident of St. Petersburg since 1992, Herb’s involvement at the Morean includes participation in numerous exhibitions, including 2001’s Winky Wright and the St. Pete Boxing Club, which showed the duality of the sport’s violence and grace. He also taught various classes and workshops here.