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“I was the first Artist-in-Residence (in the current building) at the Morean. My residency time was spent working in the Marger Family Art Studio where I made eight paintings in the size range of 72″ x 60″ with acrylic paint on paper. I also made small watercolors and worked on some large color drawings while occupying the residency space. I spent time at the center making a body of work, participating in Arts Center events and getting to know the staff and artists who comprised the Center. The residency program offered artists free room and board along with a stipend to create a body of work for exhibition. “I also spent time teaching sixth through ninth graders at Academy Prep School. I was chosen out of ten African-American artists who applied for the residency. Thanks go to Amanda Cooper and Lenn Neff for their cordiality at all times.”






Lawrence Philp                                                                                                                 Please Find the Steam Iron and Rearview Mirror           2003                                 Acrylic on paper                                                                                                           Exhibiting Artist, Instructor

Collection of the Morean Arts Center, Gift of the Artist