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Pauli Nelson Maiville has two passions in life: fish and glass. He melds these two interests into outstanding works of art. Since moving to Florida at the age of twelve, he has intensified his passion through long hours of wading the flats of the Gulf Coast of Florida. When he began blowing glass in 1987, it was natural that the first form to appear on the end of his pipe would be a fish. Since then, his work has grown and evolved, but the influence of the sea is still inherent in all his art. Even his vases, bowls and paperweights include the organic and fluid rhythms of the sea. Pauli was instrumental in the construction and installation of the Morean’s Hot Shop in 2010, and has worked as a demo artists there since its inception. He has participated in numerous shows at the Morean, including 2015’s Keep it Glassy, St. Pete!