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“Joanie, my bride of almost 65 years and a talented potter, introduced me to the Morean a few decades before it moved to Central Avenue. It didn’t take me long to be awed by the great contribution the Morean was making to our community. St. Petersburg has come to enthrall its residents as a community of art, and over the years, the Morean has been a major factor in building that reputation. ”I joined the Board, becoming its Chair from 2004-2007. Joanie and I were also able to help the Morean fund computers and printers for its first digital lab. I then had the pleasure of teaching a home movie making class. I also enjoyed  Beth Reynolds’ courses and marveled at the camaraderie she developed with her students.   “A few years later, Joanie and I were able to help the Morean breathe life into its now thriving Chihuly Collection. Along the way, in 2011, I was privileged to be an exhibitor in the Morean’s Disappearing Florida presentation.  So, thanks, Morean! It’s been a great ride!”



Dick Jacobs                                                                                                                 White Pelican, Tampa Bay                 2015                                                         Digital photograph                                                                                                   Board Member, Exhibiting Artist, Student, Volunteer

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