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Originally from the Long Island Sound in New York, Livingston’s family relocated to the Tampa Bay area when she was in high school. She attended the Ringling School of Art. She further developed her interest in art by gaining a MFA in painting from Florida State University. After painting for several years, her passion for art waned and she went back to school. There she pursued a PH.D. in History and a Masters in East Asian Studies. After experimenting with a variety of media, Susan returned to the arts as a clay artist. She has been working in clay ever since, creating beautiful sculptures and vessels. Susan served as a board member for the Arts Center in the 1970s. She participated in numerous exhibitions over the years, including a two-person show with painter Cate Wyatt-Magalian called A Balance of Elements in 2000, and Visual Unity in 2009, a group show curated by artist Rocky Bridges.