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“The Morean Arts Center was the St. Petersburg Art Center on 1st Avenue North in the 1970’s. At that time, St. Pete was a low density art zone. The Arts Center was one of the few places to show and work. It was an old building with galleries downstairs and studios upstairs. It was operated by a dedicated membership of local artists and patrons. I recall exhibiting there and getting an award. ”The Saturday Morning Drawing Workshop was up stairs that you got to by a wooden fire escape. I started going and it soon became a habit that I have maintained to this day. The Saturday Morning Drawing Workshop has a reputation of being the oldest and best life drawing workshop in the Tampa Bay area. “May it continue to be an integral part of the Morean’s dynamic organization!”



 Vernon James Hagenbuckle                                                                  Rincon          2009                                                                                          Oil                                                                                                                  Board Member, Exhibiting Artist, Instructor

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