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About Tyler Quintin, Morean Center for Clay, Artist in Residence

Ceramic objects have held an integral role in daily life throughout human history. Whether actively used or objects of admiration, we as humans have developed different associations with these objects. Through sculptural and functional objects alike, I am considering how ceramics can become a vehicle for discussions centered on identity and culture.

I am Korean-American with an entirely American upbringing. Despite this, I grew up with a consistent reminder of my otherness through Asian jokes, stereotypes, and that all to common question of “what kind of Asian are you?” The idea of assumptions based on appearance informs the work that I create. Surface, or lack-there-of, is the primary vehicle for this exploration. Structural recreations of traditional Korean ceramic vessels, devoid of surface, speak to the divide between my appearance and culture. Additionally, I utilize a personal cast of symbols in sculptural and functional work to tell my stories. Using bold pattern work, color, and imagery to recreate the initial recognition of Asian-ness in the viewer, I subtly weave in a personal narrative underneath that asks to be seen. I hope that interactions with my work serve as a reminder to get to know individuals beyond first impressions.

Tyler Quintin is currently a long term artist in residence at the Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, FL. Prior to this, he completed work-study, internship, and assistantship positions with various artists and craft schools across the country. Tyler received a BFA from Washburn University in 2016 on a full tuition merit scholarship. Washburn afforded him the opportunity to explore work across a variety of mediums, which eventually led to a transition from drawing to ceramics. These foundations have provided a sensitivity to material choice and interdisciplinary thinking in his approach to clay. Tyler’s work has been exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions, including venues such as the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts (Helena, MT) and the San Angelo Museum of Art (San Angelo, TX). Recently, Tyler was a presenter for the international online ceramics conference, The Ceramics Congress. His work is featured in the permanent collections of the Mulvane Art Museum (Topeka, KS) and the San Angelo Museum of Art (San Angelo, TX).

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