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Create, Study, Rethink, Create Workshop with Kerry Didday

Friday, February 16

10am – 3:30pm

12pm – 1pm lunch break

Price: $80


An exciting practice for developing abstract paintings using a simple to complex use of shape, line and texture.

Have you ever wondered what to paint or how to start your next great abstract painting then this workshop will get you going.

  • Learn to be spontaneous
  • Learn to make decisions as you paint
  • See why thinking time is important
  • Learn to build a relationship between shape, line and texture
  • Learn to break space and reconnect
  • See how underpainting works great for abstraction


Materials needed

  • Must have a large 2” brush (Home Depot is OK) Watercolor wash brush is great.
  • Your normal flat soft brushes (1” at least)
  • Small to medium and large soft rounds


Other things we will be using. Bring if you have them and I will bring some too.

  • Single edge razor blade, Kleenex, Squeegee, Water soluble pencils, Brayer, white chalk, neutral grays, spray bottle, masking tape
  • Your good acrylic paints. (Make sure you have transparent colors (important), not just opaque colors) Fluid acrylics are great for this but heavy bodies are OK too.
  • Paper or tissue collage items if you have some and of course mat medium. Stamps if any.
  • White gesso is a must



$20 materials fee

I will supply each person with large pallet paper to mix colors on.

I will supply each person with three full size, 22” x 30” sheets of water color paper and a masonite board which you will need to pay me $20 for the three sheets.