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Ronan Peterson Hands On Workshop

October 12th and 13th
10:00am – 5:00pm






Skill Levels: All Levels


Peeling the Onion…

…without all the tears!  This workshop will focus on creating dynamic, layered, and interesting ceramic surfaces for both functional and sculptural vessels. We will enhance and enliven our ceramic surfaces by building up slip and terra sigilatta to create a dynamic, layered background for glaze to interact with. Demonstrations will include slip application from wet clay all the way up to the bone dry state. We will look at brushing slip, hakame, paper resist, brush wipes, sgraffito, champlevé, slip trailing, terra sigallatas and other resist techniques to build layers of information and interest for further glazing which later augment our ceramic vessels. Glazing considerations will be discussed, but the bulk of the workshop will be spent discussing and exploring leather hard and bone dry applications. Participants should be open to experimentation and exploration of possibilities, and the workshop is best suited for individuals who can center and throw at least 2+ pounds of clay and/or comfortably handbuilt forms to experiment with.


Member $150
Non-Member $175

*Materials Included*

*For further questions or to register via phone please call 727-822-7872 ext. 2311