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Soda Firing Workshop

with Karina Mago

Thursday, November 4 – Sunday, November 7, 2021


In this workshop taught by current Artist in Residence Karina Mago, students will learn and participate in every step of the process to fire our cross-draft kiln. Students will be exposed to various glazing and slipping techniques and learn about the effects soda ash has on wares when it is introduced to the kiln at high (cone 10) temperatures.

This 4 day course will include glazing, loading firing, unloading and cleaning of the kiln and wares. Students must bring pre-bisque, stoneware (cone 10) fired work! Glazing and loading will take place on Thursday and the kiln will be fired on Friday. Saturday will be our cooling day, where we will meet for a presentation on historical and contemporary examples of Soda firing, and Sunday we will unload, discuss our results, and clean up the wares and shelves.