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Morean Curated Art Installations

With a mission of connecting the community with Art, the Morean is sometimes called upon to assist with community-focused public art projects.

The Curatorial team at the Morean Arts Center, worked with the development team at Artistry luxury apartment homes in the heart of the Central Arts District to showcase artwork that reflects the uniquely local voice of the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay community.  In these project archive images you can see the final stages of construction and images of local artists at work and installations supervised by the Morean team.

In the permanent collection of the Artistry public spaces, you may recognize local artists or, like the team here at the Morean, delight in the discovery of some new local talent.

Featured Exhibition at Artistry St. Pete: 1661 Central Avenue


Curated Gallery spaces

For several years the Curatorial team at the Morean Arts Center, managed the massive span of gallery space at the Hermitage apartment complex in downtown St. Petersburg. The vastness of the space presents opportunities to show case larger format works.

The Artwork of Diane V. Radel as seen in the Hermitage public spaces.

Featured Exhibition at Hermitage Luxury Apartments


Other artists selected by the Morean for gallery exhibitions at the Hermitage include: Richard Seidel, Bassami Ibrahim, and Myron Hanson