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ICONIC: Patricia Kluwe-Derderian

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 13th, 5pm to 8pm

Patricia Kluwe-Derderian was the winner of the Morean’s annual  “ICONIC” fundraiser.  On a sunny Saturday in February, 15 local artists fanned out across downtown St. Pete, painting and drawing our beloved waterfront and landmarks. The final creations were auctioned off at a live event that same evening. Patricia’s engaging painting of Beach Drive won Best in Show and a solo exhibition at the Morean.

Artist Patricia Kluwe Derderian paints with a combination of expressiveness and confident brushstrokes. Her paintings are marked by the efficient linework and vibrant energy of fashion drawing, and a bright color palette that is all her own. Through her paintings, she captures both public and intimate spaces and the ways we gather and share these places.

Patricia developed a love for drawing while still a young child in Brazil before majoring in architecture. Now a painter based in Pinellas County, her paintings and prints can be found in collections around the world.

“I have always loved to walk to places. I would find as many ways as I could to stroll from one place to another even if I had to move to the opposite sidewalk, just for a different and exciting new perspective. Later on, I majored in architecture and thought a lot about our cities, buildings and spaces and the way they induce us into behaving and interacting in certain ways.  It fascinates me how much that can dictate – or at least hint at – our perceptions and feelings.

“Through my paintings I explore the memories and feelings connected to these spaces and the people that were a part of that unique moment in time, sharing and interacting, like co-creators of my own life. These crucial moments that for many reasons – some obvious, some, a mystery to me – are still now dancing in my mind, living with their own lines, colors, and rhythm.”