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Rootman: Expressions of Self  Frederick Woods, aka Rootman, is a Florida native born in a small town called Hampton. As a self-taught artist, he is influenced by the Old Masters’ techniques. He loves to combine different styles with a modern twist to create a story on canvas. His art explores the mysteries and spiritual insights into self-discovery and the beauty of nature. He is an oil painter, pencil drawer, and a master stories teller on canvas. He is obsessed with life’s mysteries and discoveries. Using vibrant colors, bold subjects, and different subject matters, Rootman’s intent is to create artwork that connects with the viewer’s soul on a spiritual level. About his work, Rootman states: “The intention of my art is to traverse a course that mimics life’s mysteries as well as life’s movement. I enjoy exploring different perspectives of everyday existence.  Particularly the subtleties of form and expressing the uniqueness of the moment through the colors they inspire within me. Over the years I have experimented with abstract ideas in terms of how shapes relate to each other and the role of negative space.  This prior study and my new emphasis on the ever-changing themes of life are expressed in my current projects.”