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A self-taught artist, Brigitte Coovert has lived in Florida for most of her life and currently resides in Palm Harbor. When not in her studio space, she can be found adjuncting and tutoring writing at St. Petersburg College, spending time with her fiance, and fawning over her cat, Mr. Pants.

“My work confronts the seemingly random whims of life around us, the way we react to those events, and the lasting impact they leave on our lives. The sculptural pieces I make are largely informed by my diagnosis with an autoimmune disease in 2017, which continues to impact my life. The works deal with themes centering on loss of control and the physical manifestations of illness, as well as a juxtaposition between decay or destruction and the beauty of human resilience.

“Intensely personal yet dealing with universal themes of hope, fear, illness, and making peace with one’s own imperfections, the sculptures are a reflection of me and – I hope – that others can see themselves within them as well.”


The Fresh Squeezed 5 Exhibition presented in partnership with the Gobioff Foundation and Smith & Associates and Jennifer & Jeff Lovelady