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Carolina Alamilla holds a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics/Transmedia from Texas Tech University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Born and raised in South Florida, her creative practices are driven by the concept of home, familiarities, and her ever changing cultural identity. Using her hand building and mold-making skills, she produces multiples which lead to altered scenes of everyday life.

“We don’t fit in the past; nor do we know the future. We are looking to swim freely, and safely amidst chaos and fear. Space Swim echoes the hope found in astronaut portraits, and sunny days by the pool. It is in searching and developing one’s identity that we find ourselves in a space that is free from burdens, even if the so-called free space is in a constructed experience of a pool.

“Working through the weight of identity, I use colors and a sense of playfulness to engage with the viewer. I am stepping away from the real and creating objects that lose their functionality but are a metaphor for hope, memory and environment.”










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