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Artist’s Biography

James Oleson’s sculptures are created in Florida. His artwork is on display in numerous cities, and in private collections throughout the country. He is a primarily self taught artist, and has manifested a style and technique that is unique. His direct steel approach to sculpture has gained him entry to invitational shows and museums. His list of awards and accomplishments continue to grow year after year. He is well on his way to becoming one of the world’s leading sculptors.



Artist’s Statement

The art of sculpture is to take something considered to be useless or broken and give it a new life and a chance to be a part of something bigger than it ever was. I take an inanimate congregation of objects and put them together in a way that gives them an actual presence that you can feel and touch. Not only can you touch these inanimate objects but they can touch you back. They visually speak to you, invoking real emotions. When this almost unexplainable connection is happening, the material thought to be useless or broken comes to life. That connection between you and my creations and the emotions that take place gives me much excitement and drives me to create with great passion.

To make an inanimate object touch, feel and speak is a gift that has been given to me. This gift has turned me into a pioneer of sorts, who dredges through industries pollution on a quest for steel. I find myself climbing amongst the ruble of a recently demolished high rise, and digging in the garbage for fragments of a recent fabrication, or in a junk yard dragging off parts of an old dinosaur that time has forgotten. I believe in things discarded lies the seeds of infinite possibilities. My mind is constantly studying and categorizing all the objects that I am collecting. I visualize the objects floating in the air waiting for their chance to twist and dive into the sculptures not yet born, that constantly swim in my mind. As I clean the earth, all the objects I collect will be recycled and no longer destined to be trapped for eternity in a landfill forever labeled as garbage. I also firmly believe it is my duties as an artist to create art with archival longevity and superior quality as I single handily sculpt the future of the twenty first century.


Contact the Artist

P.O. Box 1293 Brooksville, FL 34605

[email protected]