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May 13 – June 25, 2017

For 100 years, the Morean has been a place for art lovers to gather and exhibit, create, and learn about contemporary art. At the heart of our organization are the artists, including staff members, artists who live in our community, artists who teach classes and the students who learn from them. Artists from all over the country who come to St. Pete to show their work in our galleries, or in murals on our walls. This exhibition tells our history through 100 of the individual artists who shaped our organization and made it what it is today. These artists represent the diversity and talent that has propelled the Morean forward for 100 years, allowing the organization to adapt and grow and remain relevant to this community for a century.

See works by:

Sam Abell


Marjorie Dean Andruk

Cynthia Apter

Rudy Autio

Jack Barrett

Marion Beckett

Richard Beckman

Catherine Bergmann

Mary Alice Braukman

Jack Breit

Terry Brett

Jak Brewer

Rocky Bridges

John William Brown

Nancy Brown

Virginia Brundage

Robert Calvo

Nancy Cervenka

Michael Chomick

Melissa Christiano

Neverne Covington

James Crane

Dan Defenbacher

Mark Dixon Dodd

Christopher Drake

John Eckert

Jack Ellis

Paul Eppling

Dean Fortune

Gale Fulton Ross

Denis Gaston

Rob Giordano

Jean Grastorf

Muriel Green

Russ Gustafson-Hilton

V. J. Hagenbuckle

William Harvard, Sr.

W.E. Heitland, AWS

Polly Knipp Hill

George Snow Hill

Robert O. Hodgell

Richard Jacobs

Alan Johnson

Lin Jorgensen

Bill Killingsworth

Jan Kimball

Kim Kirchman

Mary Klein

Valerie Scott Knaust

Carl Knickerbocker

Thomas Kohlmann

Betsy Orbe Lester

Norma Lewis

Susan Livingston

Winifred O. Long

Pauli Nelson Maiville

Tom McCarthy

Duncan McClellan

Dan Meisner

Creighton Michael

James Michaels

Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse

Laurance Miller

Beth Morean

Charlotte Mullendore

Lenn Neff

Leslie Neumann

Robin Neyman

Jennifer O’Brien

Sangoyemi Ogunsanya

William Pachner

Charles Parkhill

Eric Lang Peterson

Ruth Philipon

Lawrence Philp

Judith Powers

Rose Marie Prins

Frank Rampolla

Jan Reiner

Don Reitz

Beth Reynolds

M.C. Richards

Helen Rock

Gini Rollins

Craig Rubadoux

Ric Savid

Matt Schiemann

Rebecca Skelton

Herb Snitzer

John Kirk Stanley

Jan Stenhouse

Margaret Steward

Rachel Stewart

Michele Tuegel

Josette Urso

Kyu Yamamoto

Adam Yungbluth

Madison Zalopany