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“After 23 years’ involvement with the Arts Center I would say that this organization has impacted my life tremendously and more than any other place I have ever been involved with. Most of those years were spent as a board member, teacher, and student; participating in fundraising, operations, making and teaching art. “As a potter, I have met and been privileged to work with world famous ceramists through my experiences with workshops, classes, and trips with the Arts Center. I have built the Historic Train Station (run by the Arts Center) into one of the largest and well known Clay /Ceramic Centers in the United States; bringing in the top people in their fields and offering residency programs to the best and brightest of our young emerging artists. “Through my friendship with Dale Chihuly I was able to get a collection of his work for a permanent exhibit in St. Petersburg owned and operated by the Arts Center; furthering our position in the glass world while making the Arts Center more sustainable into the future.”







Beth Morean                                                                                         Standing Leaf Vessel      2015                                                                 Clay (fired in anagama kiln at Morean Center for Clay)               Board Member, Exhibiting Artist, Instructor, Student, Volunteer

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