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Dan arrived in Florida in the 1970s from Chicago. He was a performing artist for years. In the 1980s he picked up clay again. He had played with it in high school and loved it, so in the mid-1980s he enrolled in some throwing classes at the Arts Center. Dan quickly found his niche and created a body of Raku fired funerary vessels. Dan loved Chemistry so all his glazes were original recipes. In the late 1980s Dan started teaching at the Arts Center, the Dunedin Art Center and the Suntan Art Center in St. Pete Beach. Throughout the 1990s he enjoyed sharing his craft with countless students. Dan loved to learn so he attended as many workshops as possible with master craftsmen. He would come away from these workshops with renewed enthusiasm for the media. His work is represented in countless private and corporate collections.



Dan Meisner (1951 – 2005) Lidded Clay Vessel    2003 Raku clay                   Instructor, Visiting Artist, Student, Volunteer