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My experience with the Morean Arts Center dates back to 1972 when my husband and I moved to St. Petersburg from Denver, Colorado. I was already an established painter and teacher and offered my services to what was then a fledging Art Club. “We gathered at a storefront on Central Avenue. I remember attending a demo of Neil Adamson’s who was having an exhibit with the late Roy Nichols. While in this building (on 7th Street S) a decision was made to purchase the space on Central Avenue before selling their location. This was a decision that I was hesitant to agree with – and I was very wrong! “When I look at what this Center has become – the Morean Arts Center – I am extremely delighted to have been a small part of its amazing growth and contributions to the community.”




Mary Alice Braukman                 Dispersal of Ice Dunes 2016           Mixed Media                                       Board Member, Student, Exhibiting Artist, Volunteer, Instructor