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“In 1981, when I first started coming to St. Pete on a regular basis, in order to meet people in the arts you frequented the Arts Center and got to know Dee Dewberry. And that is what I did. I also knew Michele Tuegel and between working with the Arts Center and Florida Craftsmen, I got to know the makers and donors, patrons and friends of the arts…EVERYONE! “Later, in the 1990s when the Arts Center moved to their present location, I got to be a temp secretary under Bill Killingsworth, who was interim director at the Arts Center. I got to do everything from class schedules to answering the phones, to designing a series of logos for the summer program, to helping to set up the John Brown Award for painting. “The changes over the years have transformed the building and staff, but the heart of the Arts Center is the same as always…it is still the center of the arts community of St. Petersburg. Mission accomplished! Happy 100th!”




Mary Klein                                                                                                                                      Be the Change          2017                                                                                                   Cloisonné enamel                                                                                                                     Staff, Exhibiting Artist, Instructor, Student, Volunteer