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Winifred Offord Long, 11/10/1957

Dubbed the “Grand Lady of Pinellas County” in a 1964 article from the St. Petersburg Times, artist and activist Winnie Long was involved in the St. Pete arts scene for nearly 60 years. Originally from New York, she moved to St. Pete in 1920 and taught art in the public school system for 30 years. She joined the Art Club as a member in 1923 and participated in numerous exhibitions, teaching classes there as well as serving as the board president. When the Art Club merged with the Arts Center in the 1960s, Winnie served as the Center’s first secretary and even became its first lifetime member. The Arts Center celebrated her 90th birthday in 1975 with a big party; students in various classes made portraits of her in honor of the occasion. The largest gallery in the 7th Street South building was named in honor of Winnie. She had a love of nature which manifested itself in her work.



Winifred O. Long (1885 -1975)                                               Whistle                                                                                             Clay                                                                                               Board Member, Exhibiting Artist, Instructor

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