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Getting Your Art Into Retail Environments: Demystifying Wholesale For Artists & Makers Workshop with Pamela Joy Trow

Saturday, January 13

10am – 12pm

Price: $35

In this dynamic workshop series, participants are introduced to the promising world of wholesaling, a lucrative venture that holds the potential to significantly bolster their creative enterprises. Delve into the transformation of artistic creations into marketable products, subsequently tapping into the thriving landscape of brick-and-mortar retail environments. Experience the rewards of widening your audience base, establishing a prominent presence in the industry, and fostering a steady stream of income, all through the power of successful wholesale strategies.

Demystifying Wholesale for Artists & Makers offers an essential introductory workshop, providing insights into the fundamentals of wholesaling and navigating the art industry’s retail landscape. This informative session delves into crucial topics, including the key components of a marketable product, audience identification, effective marketing strategies, indispensable tools for wholesaling, pricing methodologies, and valuable techniques for discovering, approaching, and maintaining relationships with retailers. 


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Instructor Bio: 

Pamela Joy Trow, an accomplished artist with a rich background in graphic design, illustration, and creative direction, shares her wealth of skills and experiences in visual storytelling. Award-winning in her art, Pamela’s journey includes 14 years of teaching design, art direction, and illustration at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Her teaching legacy continued at the Community College of Central Oregon, focusing on empowering businesses in visual communications. Pamela’s passion for sharing knowledge expanded with the creation of the workshop series, “Getting Your Art Into Retail Environments,” stemming from her venture into wholesale paper products in the early 2000s. Her story is a blend of personal triumphs and a dedicated contribution to the artistic community, shaping the path for aspiring artists and leaving an indelible mark on creative expression.